The Introduction of Solar collector

Name: Solar collector

Keyword or key word: Solar energy energy science collector


In the solar energy heat utilization, the key is transforms sun's radiant energy into the heat energy. Because the solar energy is quite scattered, must try it to concentrate, therefore, the collector is each kind of use solar energy installment essential part. Because the uses are different, the collector and the match system type divides into many kinds, the name is also different, like uses in kitchen work's solar stove, using in producing the hot water solar-powered water heater, using in the dry goods the solar energy water extractor, using in smelting the metal the solar energy furnace, as well as solar room, solar energy heating and power station, solar energy sea water desalting kit and so on.

The efficiency quite high collector is composed of the collection and the absorption plant. The sunlight is composed of the different wave length's visible light and the black light, the different material and the different color are dissimilar to the different wave length's light's absorption and reflective power. Black color absorption sunlight's ability is strongest, therefore the cotton-padded jacket uses the deep color or the black colored goods generally. White reflection sunlight's ability is strongest, therefore summer's shirt many are the light color or the white. Therefore the use black color may gather the heat. Let the parallel sunlight gather through the focusing lens in a spot, a line or a small area, may also serve the collection hot purpose. Paper under sunlight illumination, no matter the sunlight is strong, even if in burning hot summer, also not by the sunlight ignition. But, if using the spotlight, gathers the sunlight on the paper, can light the paper. The collector may divide into the plate collector, the condensation collector and the plane reflector generally and so on several types.



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