Item Tube Specification Tube Coating Absorber Area Tank Capacity Person
SS47-16 Φ47mm*1500mm*16 AL-N-AL 1.52m*m 90L 1-2
SS47-18 Φ47mm*1500mm*18 AL-N-AL 1.65m*m 110L 2-3
SS47-24 Φ47mm*1500mm*24 AL-N-AL 2.16m*m 150L 3-4
SS47-30 Φ47mm*1500mm*30 AL-N-AL 2.71m*m 200L 4-5
SS58-16 Φ58mm*1800mm*15 AL-N-AL 2.01m*m 150L 2-3
SS58-18 Φ58mm*1800mm*18 AL-N-AL 2.53m*m 180L 2-4
SS58-20 Φ58mm*1800mm*20 AL-N-AL 2.89m*m 210L 3-5
SS58-24 Φ58mm*1800mm*24 AL-N-AL 3.30m*m 240L 3-6
SS58-30 Φ58mm*1800mm*30 AL-N-AL 3.80m*m 300L 4-7
SS58-36 Φ58mm*1800mm*36 AL-N-AL 4.52m*m 350L 5-8
Inner tank material: SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel
Outer tank material: 202, 304BA stainless steel
Water tank diameter: 470mm
Bracket: 202, 304BA stainless steel
Vacuum tube: 58mm diameter, 1800mm length, coated by AL-N-AL
Insulation layer: 50-60mm polyurethane foam
Obliquity of the bracket: from 30 degrees to 45 degrees
Heat preservation: 72-80 hours
Hail resistance: 25mm