The solar panel is made ​​up of many small photovoltaic cells
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The solar panel is made ​​up of many small photovoltaic cells, the processing of these battery unit link requires a lot of manpower and material resources. Solar solar collector cell processing is finished, but also needs to be concatenated, In this aspect, if the battery unit is not correctly placed, or is connected, a direct impact on the operation of the solar cell panel, as well as generating efficiency. Battery plate finished, heavy workpiece and gave the manual handling of certain troubled.

The face of these tedious production process, high cost, and manpower-consuming disadvantage is a good explanation. In order to be solar water heater able to reduce costs to some extent, solar panel manufacturers are increasingly using machine vision technology, machine vision applications in the detection, reduce the damage rate differences in the processing of photovoltaic cells; the machine vision applications in automatic operation, pick monomer chip and fixed finished solar panels for transportation, and significant savings in manpower and resources consumption.
Author: Haining Sanxi Solar Energy Industry Co.,Ltd.
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