Solar installed capacity is still under policy control rapid growth and famous
2012/11/8 18:31:38   Hit:1689

Germany "Le Monde" website reported on November 1, taking into account Germany poor lighting conditions, the development of solar energy industry solar water heater and high input costs, but the output is relatively small, the German government is trying to cut the photovoltaic electricity subsidies and other measures to suppress the trend of soaring over the solar installed capacity in Germany year target for new installed capacity of not more than 3500MW. But in September alone, Germany installed new solar capacity, which amounts to solar collector 1GW, another record high. The first nine months of this year, the total installed capacity reached 6.2GW, are expected throughout 2012 will reach 7.4GW, will be more than double the government target. Reported that, despite Germany's solar energy industry appears to be growing prosperity, but in Germany solar companies in the fierce price competition difficult. Germany more than 80% market share in Asia, especially China Enterprises occupation loss or even go bankrupt Germany solar companies has become the norm.


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