The status of solar energy utilization in the Japanese construction
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Linuo Gao Yuan Kun learned as the world's second-largest economy, Japan is the major energy consuming countries in the world, and its energy is solar water heater heavily dependent on imports. However, in recent years, energy-saving technologies to make a substantial increase in energy efficiency, new energy development and utilization turnaround doubled trends.
In the field of utilization of solar energy the Japanese residents photovoltaic roof system by the end of 2003, total installation of 887,000 kilowatts, the Japanese government plans to install 4.82 million kilowatts by 2010 Total.
Ordinary residential district in Japan attaches great solar collector importance to energy-saving, solar energy utilization is relatively common. Residential district energy conservation building codes and norms issued by the Japanese Ministry of Construction, Ministry clearly defined. Warm energy-saving aspects of the buildings, the specification of the walls of the building structure, layer thickness, and selection of warm materials, etc. to make specific provisions. In terms of lighting, there are many specific energy-saving measures. Generally in the energy-saving aspects of Japanese residential district application of solar energy, which are mostly passive solar houses. Yang plate high efficiency suction through the roof to collect solar energy, solar cells automatic control system, according to the interior rooms to the indoor heat input automatically (cold) wind can supply hot water. Residential area of utilization of solar energy can not only save energy, but also can improve, protect and improve the environment, a new green energy, but also residential construction in line with the sustainable development of energy-saving in one direction, and therefore is subject to the attention of the Japanese government, support and encouragement.


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