The solar industry development route again divide the light and heat are upper
2013/4/1 18:30:33   Hit:1586
With the bankruptcy reorganization Suntech PV industry into the lowest valley. Monumental changes in the industry, but also affect to the 8th of Jinan solar exhibition, which opened yesterday. Not only the gold booth occupied force Norit, Four Seasons song Mu thermal business, of Yingli, Dongying exhibitors PV enterprise uninterested. The person in charge of Four Seasons song Mu Yang Shuping said as solar water heater the photovoltaic industry in case of cold, light and heat advantage began to show steady growth not only domestic water heaters, hot water generation will also become a reality, "solar thermal power generation, more environmentally friendly than PV."

    He also revealed that the previously filed solar industry are PV solar thermal "former" PV "," light and heat "in government documents has now started using photothermal PV", "light and heat" upper. Yang Shuping's point of view, but also opened a dispute of the solar industry, long-term development path.

    Compared to the photovoltaic industry solar collector has been affected by the policies caring a long time, China's solar thermal industry is a national investment community does not attach importance to "grass-roots industry. Because of the low barriers to entry, the lack of regulation of the industry, the national solar water heater brand once reached over 4000. Disorderly competition in the industry, but also caused some veteran solar water heater enterprise or transferred to the photovoltaic production, or to enter the real estate field. Compared with light and heat, the capital also prefer PV. In the province in recent years on the rise of Dongying Photovoltaic the Hina photovoltaic sea photovoltaic Vosges photovoltaic large number of enterprises. Light and heat sector is still in force Norit, Sang Le, Huang Ming a few old brand. But with Europe and the United States after another "double reverse" survey of China's photovoltaic industry, the domestic photovoltaic industry suffered heavy losses. Suntech bankruptcy before, Dongying Photovoltaic has just Dongying city government nationalized. At the same time, with the solar energy to rural areas, the introduction of stimulus projects that benefit the solar energy and building integration, solar thermal industry great "East does not shine bright" posture, and show a strong vitality.